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Web Hosting in Vancouver, BC

Freshworks Web Design offers professionally managed, 100% Canadian web hosting on a virtual private server (VPS) to ensure optimal performance and security for your website.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, our VPS is an ideal hosting solution for businesses in the Lower Mainland. We also ensure geographic redundancy with a backup server in Toronto, Ontario.

Additionally, LiteSpeed server acceleration and cache management significantly improves the performance of your WordPress website. We ensure this technology is configured for optimal performance gain.

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Canadian Web Hosting Servers | Vancouver & Montreal
Canadian Website Hosting

100% Canadian

Vancouver / Toronto

All data is stored within Canada to adhere to the strict privacy laws that many Canadians and Canadian businesses need.  The primary web server is located in Vancouver with a backup server in Toronto.

Automated Security

Safe. Reliable. Secure.

KernelCare rebootless security patches and Imunify360 provide advanced firewall protection and malware detection for the hosting environment.  Automated daily off-server backups ensure that multiple fallbacks are always available.

Dedicated Resources

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Unlike shared hosting plans, virtual private server resources are dedicated to Freshworks Web Design clients only. This means faster server response and web pages that load quickly for an optimal user experience.

Uptime Monitored

Local Uptime Monitoring

Server uptime and performance is monitored by Freshworks Web Design as well as professional server technicians to ensure your website is always available to your visitors. Hosting related issues are addressed immediately with a 99.9% uptime goal.

FREE SSL Certificate

A FREE domain validated Comodo SSL Certificate is issued and installed with every hosting plan.

Powerful Performance

Dedicated resources and LiteSpeed caching ensure rapid page loads and an enjoyable user experience.

Daily Automated Backups

Daily automated backups are saved off-server daily to ensure there’s always a fallback point.

Probability of Bounce

As page load time goes from...

Why Speed Matters

53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.”

“At a conceptual level, people want pages to load quickly – speed is important and is rated the highest in the UX hierarchy, this is not surprising as nothing can happen until the page is loaded.”

SPEED MATTERS | Designing for Mobile Performance

Hosting FAQs

Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it is a significant upgrade from traditional shared hosting. Most standard hosting plans share their server resources amongst many customers which increases the server load and can result in slower response times for your web pages. On a VPS, server resources are dedicated to the sites contained on the server and are not shared with anyone else. The end-result is faster page loading and a better visitor experience.

Where are the servers located?

The primary server is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. All website backups are sent to an alternate server in Toronto, Ontario for geographic isolation.

The internet is fast, but distance does make a difference. With servers located geographically close to your target audience, website performance (page load times) will be better, resulting in a better user experience for your users.

How can I benefit from a VPS?

A VPS will provide better performance than most traditional shared hosting plans. This will improve your visitor’s experience and may result in better rankings with Google.

Most “budget” hosting is shared hosting which means your web resources are being shared amongst possibly hundreds or thousands of other customer’s websites. This can cause your website to load slowly, especially during peak times.

What is the advantage of hosting with Freshworks?

By hosting your website through Freshworks Web Design, you are getting VPS performance for a fraction of the cost (most VPS hosting plans start around $40.00 / month). Additionally, Freshworks Web Design handles your setup, configuration, performance tuning and we monitor the service to ensure any issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

Freshworks hosting also includes a LiteSpeed server license and setup for optimal web performance, a free SSL certificate, automated backups and advanced security provided by Immunify360.

What is LiteSpeed caching?

LiteSpeed is a proprietary server technology that improves upon the standard Apache server by employing a streamlined event-driven architecture, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

LiteSpeed is included and configured for all Freshworks hosting accounts and it has noticeably improved website performance.

For more information on LiteSpeed:

Is the web hosting monitored by anyone?

Yes, Freshworks Web Design monitors the web hosting service. This means that we are notified immediately if there are any interruptions in service so they can be dealt with right away. The goal is to provide a consistent visitor experience and have your website available at all times.